Accolades, Awards and Other Recognitions

Honorable Mention, The Binnacle’s Ninth Annual Ultra-Short Competition, Summer 2012.

Flash Fiction Winner/Contributor, The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities (published by HarperCollins in July 2011).

WinnerMassTwitFic #vss Twitter Story Contest August 2010

Winner, Bull Moose Music’s Miles Davis/Dogfish Head 143-word Jazz Essay Contest, September 2010.

Winner,’s Spooky-Kooky Microfiction Contest

Top Ten Finalist,’s Radium Age Apocalypse Microfiction Contest

What Are People Saying About Tucker and Her Work?

“I look to Tucker Cummings for inspiration in this new age of American decadence.” –Larry Clow, writer and award-winning journalist

“Really unique” and “extremely clever.” –Jeff Vandermeer, anthology editor and award-winning author, regarding her contribution to The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities

“A suitably unsettling tale…a terrific story.” –Matthew Battles and Tom Nealon of, regarding the competition-winning short story “Well Marbled”

“Well written. A disturbing story.” –Gayle Beveridge, noted Australian fiction writer, on the microfiction story “Interbellum”

“This tiny story relates a much larger tale. It packs the emotional punch that a good writer strives for.” – Gayle Beveridge, on the microfiction piece “Semantics”

“This is lovely.” –David W. Burns, noted flash fiction writer, regarding The Strange Adventures of Margery Jones


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