Four Hands V

The new Four Hands album is out, featuring the musical talents of Tory Miller and Andrew Cote, and the literary kookiness of RT Quinn and yours truly. You can listen to it via the embed above, or head over to the main Four Hands site to listen to all albums in the series. Longtime readers will remember I also contributed to Four Hands projects in 2014 and 2012.

Four Hands is an ongoing musical collaboration and experimental art project. Two musicians take turns at the piano, created improvised pieces. In real time, as the music is played, writers or artists create complementary pieces inspired by what they are hearing. Head over to the Four Hands page to download the album with liner notes. Pay what you want, even if it’s $0.

This time around, RT and I alternated writing duties for each track. He had the brilliant idea of creating liner notes for each track, but with a twist. The resulting liner notes, full of hyperbole and outright lies, reads like the hybrid spawn of a Thackery T. Lambshead book and a gonzo journalism piece.


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