During the Renaissance, artists got their support directly from a patron. The patron would give the artist a request, and the artist would produce a unique work of art.

Today, being a “patron of the arts” often means writing a check and getting a tote bag in return. But what if you could be a patron in the truest sense of the word?

I’m pleased to announce I’m now offering custom books. For $50, you get a one-of-a-kind, handwritten work of fiction. Each book is pocket-sized, making it perfect for reading and sharing on the go.

Order one for yourself, or request one as a gift for a child or a significant other. It’s a totally distinctive gift that no one else can ever duplicate.


After you click the button below, PayPal will securely complete your transaction. Right below your shipping address on the order page, there is a line that says “Add special instructions to the seller”.

Click on it. You have 255 characters to outline your custom book request. Taking a cue from the wonderful charitable custom art site Robots and Monsters, all you need to provide me with are three words. Those three words will be my jumping off point for your custom micro-novel. Alternatively, you may provide a URL to an image for inspiration instead.

Here’s an example: you provide me with the words “blue,” “library,” and “tyrannosaur.” In response, I might write a story about a depressed librarian who decides to seek psychiatric treatment due to a recurring nightmare about being eaten by dinosaurs. Another example: you might provide me with a link to an abstract image like this, which might inspire me to write a story about an enchanted forest where wood is harvested to make musical instruments.

Please also note if the book is intended as a gift, particularly if you are buying the book for a child. I’m also happy to take requests for the name of the main character: people love reading stories where the main character shares their name.



How long are custom books?

Custom books are approximately 110 pages in length, and the story fills nearly all of the notebook. I use blank crafting notebooks, manufactured by Darice. They are “natural” paper, sort of like the color of a brown paper bag. The notebooks are quite small, about 3×4 inches. Here’s what they look like:

Is my book really unique?

Yes! I will write your story (or a series of short stories) especially for you. You will have the only physical copy in existence. I will, however, keep a digitally scanned copy of the finished book for my records. That way, should you ever lose your one-of-a-kind book, I can send you a digital copy.

When can I expect my custom book?

Books take 1-2 weeks to complete. Expect to receive yours within 2-3 weeks after ordering (if you live in the continental US.)

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free!

Will you deliver in time for Christmas?

The deadline for Christmas 2015 will be 11:59 PM Eastern Time on December 7, 2015.

Are there any restrictions when ordering custom books?

Yes! I will not write stories using other people’s characters, nor will I write stories that include graphic depictions of heinous human activities. If you request a book that I can’t write for ethical reasons, I will gladly refund your money.

Please query me via email if you can’t determine whether your story idea is acceptable or not. (Chances are, if you think it might be offensive and off-limits, it probably is.)

How do I know whether I’ll like a custom story?

Read some of my previous work! No writer likes to put themselves in an easy category, but my work does tend towards the weird, offbeat, and fantastical. My past body of work includes the 365-part sci-fi serial The Strange Adventures of Margery Jones, a Lovecraft-inspired tale called Concerning the Last Days of the Colony at New Roanoke, and the prize-winning short tale Well Marbled.

I got my book, but it’s not exactly what I had in mind. Can I return it?

All custom purchases are non-refundable, except in the case of requests that violate my own personal ethics (see above.) You have 12 hours after ordering to send me an email and cancel your order. Inspiration comes in many forms, and the inspiration I take from your inspirational jumping-off points may be literal, or more tangentially linked. The idea is that you will receive your custom book, and be surprised by the twists and turns it takes from the initial ideas you provided.

I want to order a custom book, but I want it to be longer/shorter/in a special type of notebook. How do I do that?

Custom books are available in all sizes and lengths. Email me for a quote!

I have another question that wasn’t answered here. Can I contact you?

Of course! Hit me up on Twitter (@tuckercummings), or send me an email (TUCKERCUMMINGS AT GMAIL DOT COM)


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