My new collection Tiny Bites is out now!

CoverMy new collection, Tiny Bites, is out now on Smashwords!

Tiny Bites is a collection of six very short stories with one thematic link: food.

In “What You Eat,” a man struggles with his compulsion to consume office supplies.

In “Practical Tips for Hosting a Thanksgiving Feast,” readers experience an alternate history where Thanksgiving has sinister origins.

In “The Bombshell,” a child’s game inspires a tragic act of sacrifice.

In “A Turn of the Stomach,” an unnamed narrator comes to terms with a murder in an idyllic seaside community.

In “The Ghost Who Holds Dinner Parties,” a socialite’s soiree ends with a bang.

In “Consumption,” an adventurous eater gets his comeuppance.

Running the gamut from magical realism to alternate history, each tale is stranger than the last. Not for the faint of heart, these unsettling tales will remain with you long after you’ve turned out the lights.

You can download Tiny Bites on Smashwords. The book will also be available on the Apple iBookstore and at online at Barnes & Noble in a couple of days.


EDIT: now has the ebook “in stock,” as does Apple.


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