Writing for Men, Writing for Women

This year, I’ve been lucky enough to write for two cool publications. One is a men’s magazine, American Gentleman, while the other is the women’s mag DAME. It’s been really interesting to write for both publications at the same time. As a woman who considers herself to be “just one of the guys,” it’s been amazing to be able to craft articles for both sides of my personality.

As a writer, I’m not usually in the position where I’m thinking about what gender my reader is likely to be. I’m usually just focused on the content itself, trying to relay information as clearly and concisely as possible. So, that’s been an interesting element that’s informed my writing of late.

If you’d like to see what both of these cutting edge publications are up to, you can read American Gentleman on your iPhone/iPad with this app, or check out their website. I covered the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 4 for them earlier this year.

DAME updates daily with new content that’s relevant to women, and you can follow them on Twitter to stay informed. My first article for them is about TV characters in debt, and how real women can learn from their mistakes.


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