Four Hands 2014


Way back in 2012, I was part of the third installment of Four Hands. Tory and Andrew started Four Hands several years ago as an improvisational piano project, and eventually added in a written element with the third iteration of the project.

A few weeks ago, Tory and Andrew wrote another Four Hands album in a night. This time, we added in our friends R.T. and Leah, who created four paintings while Tory and Andrew played piano in the background. And sat in the middle of these two creative teams was me, doing a solo writing exercise.

The results of our little artist’s evening were four paintings, ten audio tracks, and an short story. The idea was to create an evening of art, an exercise that embraces the imperfections involved in creating art.

What’s always been fun for me when doing a Four Hands evening is the act of creating art in real time. The writing component of Four Hands is done in time with the music: each “chapter” is written in the time it takes one song to play.

This time around, I decided to experiment with the epistolary format. The resulting work, “Ten Winter Letters,” is a collection of ten imagined letters between two ex-lovers.

You can read “Ten Winter Letters,” see the artwork, and listen to the album in its entirety over at the Four Hands Bandcamp page. Just click “Buy Now,” name your price (even $0!), and you can download the music, art, and PDF of the story.


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