Writing for Men, Writing for Women

This year, I’ve been lucky enough to write for two cool publications. One is a men’s magazine, American Gentleman, while the other is the women’s mag DAME. It’s been really interesting to write for both publications at the same time. As a woman who considers herself to be “just one of the guys,” it’s been amazing to be able to craft articles for both sides of my personality.

As a writer, I’m not usually in the position where I’m thinking about what gender my reader is likely to be. I’m usually just focused on the content itself, trying to relay information as clearly and concisely as possible. So, that’s been an interesting element that’s informed my writing of late.

If you’d like to see what both of these cutting edge publications are up to, you can read American Gentleman on your iPhone/iPad with this app, or check out their website. I covered the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 4 for them earlier this year.

DAME updates daily with new content that’s relevant to women, and you can follow them on Twitter to stay informed. My first article for them is about TV characters in debt, and how real women can learn from their mistakes.


The Strange Adventures of Margery Jones is now available on Smashwords!

margery cover blacknewAfter multiple delays, I’m happy to announce that you can finally purchase “The Strange Adventures of Margery Jones” on Smashwords.

What is the story about?

Margery Jones travels between parallel universes, visiting other incarnations of herself and making irreparable mistakes.

At its heart, this is a story about heartbreak, mental illness, and uncertainty.

Each chapter is just 100 words long. A new chapter was uploaded each day in 2011, as part of an experimental writing project.

Here’s the Smashwords description:

Every time you make a decision, you create an alternate universe. Some people get obsessed with these “roads not taken.” They think that if they made different choices, their lives would have turned out better. I should know: I’m one of them. My name is Margery Jones, and I want to see what my life should have been. There’s just one problem: someone wants me dead, and I don’t know who I can trust.

“Désiré” by Megan Arkenberg

Oh man, you guys. You need to go read “Désiré” by Megan Arkenberg, and you need to read it now.

The story was brought to my attention by a blog post on M. Bennardo’s site. Published over at Crossed Genres, “Désiré” is a story told through snippets of newspaper articles, interviews, and letters. It’s about war, and art, and re-inventing oneself after trauma. It’s beautiful, leanly written, and builds a beautiful world that’s full of rich detail.

M. Bennardo said it was one of his favorite stories he’s read in 2013, and I’m inclined to agree with him. I think it’s going to linger with me for a long time after reading.

“The Forgettors” on Amazon and BN

I wrote previously to announce that Chamberton Publishing would be publishing my previously unavailable short story “The Forgettors” in their Spotlight YA anthology. You can now also get the story on its own on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you have a Nook or a Kindle, you can get the solo story for 99 cents.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 7.50.47 PM

Here’s a brief description my publisher wrote up, which sums up the story a lot better than I could.

Starfall. That one catastrophic event changed everything for people in the high city. In fact, it was so devastating and painful that people found a way to forget it. But when one young girl refuses to have her memories erased, refuses to have them discarded, will she be allowed to keep them? Or will the Forgettors, those mysterious cloaked figures, force her to hand them over? One young girl dares to be different, and plans to remember everything – even the most painful memory of all…

It’s aimed at younger readers, but adults looking for a story they can read in a single sitting might also enjoy. I was actually asked about this story earlier today by a young fan who was wondering if there was a sequel story in the works. There is! However, I’ve still got some planning and worldbuilding to do before I’m reading to write it.

The Binnacle



As I mentioned in a previous post, my micro fiction tale “Ethernet Connection” scored an Honorable Mention spot in The Binnacle’s Ultra-Short Competition. I got a copy of the collection in the mail the other day. In addition to the softbound story collection, we also got these cute, business card-sized versions of each story. To learn more, visit The Binnacle.

Pay to Play: The Perils and Perks of Fee-Based Submissions

I have a piece in the most recent issue of the FundsforWriters newsletter, called Pay to Play: The Perils and Perks of Fee-Based Submissions. If you don’t already subscribe to the newsletter (you really should), you can read the newsletter online here.

Mechanical Turk on Kindle and Goodreads

The Mechanical Turk is out on Kindle for 99 cents. You can also check it out on Goodreads.