“The Forgettors” on Amazon and BN

I wrote previously to announce that Chamberton Publishing would be publishing my previously unavailable short story “The Forgettors” in their Spotlight YA anthology. You can now also get the story on its own on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you have a Nook or a Kindle, you can get the solo story for 99 cents.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 7.50.47 PM

Here’s a brief description my publisher wrote up, which sums up the story a lot better than I could.

Starfall. That one catastrophic event changed everything for people in the high city. In fact, it was so devastating and painful that people found a way to forget it. But when one young girl refuses to have her memories erased, refuses to have them discarded, will she be allowed to keep them? Or will the Forgettors, those mysterious cloaked figures, force her to hand them over? One young girl dares to be different, and plans to remember everything – even the most painful memory of all…

It’s aimed at younger readers, but adults looking for a story they can read in a single sitting might also enjoy. I was actually asked about this story earlier today by a young fan who was wondering if there was a sequel story in the works. There is! However, I’ve still got some planning and worldbuilding to do before I’m reading to write it.

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