FundsforWriters and More Comic Book Geekery

Hello, lovely readers! Chances are, many of you are new to my blog, having been sent this way after reading my article in this week’s FundsforWriters newsletter.

Credit where credit is due: my FundsforWriter’s article is actually a reprint! My article originally appeared on ReadLearnWrite as a guest post. If you aren’t a regular reader, RLW is a great site with lots of thoughtful posts about reading, writing, literacy, and creativity that’s well worth your time. Brandon is an awesome dude.

Elsewhere on the Internet today, another one of my pieces went live. In the aftermath of the Presidential election, 604Republic asked me to take a look at the comic book presidencies of Captain America and Lex Luthor.

I was lucky enough to have FundsforWriters accept another, brand-new article as well! I’m not sure yet which issue it will be in, but look for it in the coming months!

I also recently wrote a review of my favorite running app on dotTech. Zombies, Run! is a great fitness app for anyone who’s literary-minded, so check them out as well.

That’s all for now. Expect some posts over the long weekend about my recent haul from the Library’s book sale, as well as some news about a new book project that I’ll be selling right here on this very site!


2 responses to “FundsforWriters and More Comic Book Geekery

  1. Can you direct me to an example of functional flash fiction that is 140 characters or less? That’s astounding.

  2. Thanks for your piece this week, Tucker. I’m sure FundsforWriters readers loved it!
    Hope Clark

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