The Chimera Series

I wrote previously to announce that Chamberton Publishing would be reprinting my story “The Mechanical Turk” in their Gaslight anthology of historical tales, in addition to publishing my previously unavailable short story “The Forgettors” in their Spotlight YA antho.

I’m pleased to announce that you’ll also be able to get “The Mechanical Turk” as a solo e-book. “The Mechanical Turk” will be released as part of  Chamberton’s Chimera Series, which aims to provide short, one-off stories that can fit into the reading schedule of even the most busy of people. Check out the cover!

The Chimera Series from Chamberton will also include stories by James S. Dorr, Domyelle Rhyse, Malcolm Cowen, and Anne Van. You can learn more by visiting this link (scroll down a bit.)

“The Mechanical Turk” is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well” set in an alternate timeline where Queen Victoria has united her kingdom with that of the Ottoman empire. It’s a steampunk romance with a bittersweet ending. You may have read it in the past when it was part of the Stories in the Ether series put forth by the now sadly defunct Nevermet Press.


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