Future Lovecraft to be reprinted by Prime Books

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. After a few months of wrangling, Silvia Moreno-Garcia has announced some great news: Prime Books will be republishing Future Lovecraft.

From her blog:

Future Lovecraft, originally published by Innsmouth Free Press and edited by me and Paula R. Stiles, is being reprinted by Prime Books. It will be available August 2012 in all sales channels. What does this mean? Brick-and-mortar sales. You’ll be able to walk into your Barnes & Noble or favourite indie store and pick a copy. The cover might also change (though I’m not sure on that, it’s something that’s just floated up).

It is not unheard of – though a bit unusual – for a small indie book to get picked up and reprinted for wider distribution. Black Wings was originally released by PS Publishing and then printed by Titan Books. Hungry for Your Love (a zombie anthology) is an e-book which was picked by St. Martin’s Griffin for a print edition. Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool to see this happening because it means someone thought the book might have mass appeal.

Can’t wait til August? You can read a sample of the book (a story by yours truly) at the Innsmouth Free Press site, grab the ebook or a print copy from Amazon.

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