2010 Roundup

I won three contests: one held by MassTwitFic, one held by Bullmoose, and one that granted me a spot in the upcoming Lambshead antho. I also was a finalist in a microfiction contest at HiLoBrow, and had two pieces publised on OneFortyFiction.com.

I will be writing for Yahoo! TV come 2011, and many weeks back an old piece of mine that I did for Demand Studios got hosted on the USA Today website. I earned Featured Contributor status in two categories on AC, and hope to earn a third by mid-2011.

Brave New Breakfast got some press coverage on New Hampshire Public Radio, and while I lost the files with most of the recipes, the cookbook itself is on track to be sold in 2011. Late 2011.

I’ve been writing for SEXIS online since March, and their holiday PRINT edition will feature one of my pieces!

Oh you know, and that whole writing for a living thing panned out pretty well. All in all, not a bad year. I have a feeling 2011 is gonna be even cooler.

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