Another Win!

Holy smokes! Hot on the heels of my recent accolades for my MassTwitFic and Lambshead entries comes another writing contest win!

My favorite music/video store, Bull Moose, recently held a writing contest in honor of the great Miles Davis. Here’s the breakdown of the competition, and what prize was in store for the winner:

So after a quick call to confirm that I am, in fact, over 21, I’m pleased to announce that I’m the official winner of the contest, and I’ll be picking my prize up this Friday! 🙂 I get a whole case of bombers, as well as a Miles Davis recording!

I’m really excited to drink some delicious beer and listen to some great music!

What’s that? You want to read my winning entry?

Well, okay. I don’t think they’re gonna post it anywhere, but I saved my 143-word entry. Here it is!:

“Listen, jazz fusion is like communism. Sure, it’s good in theory, it makes sense on paper. But 99 percent of the time, in practical, real world testing, it just falls flat. Jazz fusion sounds so good, so appealing, so irresistible: just like chocolate-dipped honeycombs. Sounds great, right? But then you taste it, and it just all wrong, a discordant mish mash of things so good on their own that they should taste great in combination….but it’s all just wrong and vaguely off-putting.

Don’t get me wrong. I love jazz. I love fusion in all its forms, from cuisines to musical styles. But jazz doesn’t need to be fused, it’s already an art form that consists of an innate and perfect fusion.

I don’t know why people keep trying to “fuse” jazz with other things.

Case in point: Jazzercise.

Case closed.”

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