New Project

I’m working on a new project with my friend Tory. We have started a blog together called T & T’s Bad Booze Review, which is set to go live later this week. The idea is pretty simple: Tory and I hunt down a really terrible, foul-tasting, cheap kind of booze. We then review it, and videotape our reactions and thoughts. Each week we’ll be uploading a variety of written content, videos, and photographs from our booze tastings.
A few of the initial reviews we have planned include a cherry and beet enhanced wine product called Kijafa, as well as a Budweiser/Clamato Juice product called Chelada. We’ll also be testing the myth that if you run cheap vodka through a Brita filter, the result will taste like a high-end super-premium vodka.
In addition to being my partner in crime, Tory is also a very talented musician, so you should check out some of his stuff.


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